Friday, August 3, 2007

Yahoo! Avatars U.K. & Ireland

Week 9, NUMBER 23!!!! The End!!!!

In Week 1, I stated that "Beginning with an end in Mind" was easy for me. I can now say that it's the truth!!! Many times when I wanted to quit I thought about the final prize - an MP3 player and CEU's! As much as I griped about doing the 23 tasks, I have to admit that I learned some things that I would not have otherwise tried. I especially liked the Web 2.0 Awards list. I will use this in the future. When I recieve my MP3 player I will download some walking tours of various cities and will download audiobooks using Overdrive!

I didn't like having to make so many accounts. It's a good thing I printed out all the logins and passwords. I don't think I will be doing any personal blogging, because I don't like having my life exposed to the world. I am glad I took this opportunity to learn about blogging however, because now I at least have a little idea of what it's all about!

Week 9, Number 22 - Almost There!!!!!!!

This week's task was to learn about downloadable audiobooks. CCPL has a connection to Overdrive right on the homepage. To access it you only need your card number and pin. Easy! The ebooks cannot be downloaded from a library computer so I had to upgrade my home computer to use Overdrive. This took quite a lot of time. When I finally downloaded a title it said the there was a problem with the license. Frustrating! I will try again when I get my MP3 player. To access NetLibrary a personal account was needed. I have so many accounts now that I didn't want to make another one. I did however listen to some books on the Gutenberg Project. These were read by a computer and the voice was not pleasant to listen to.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Week 9, Number 21

I now know what a podcast is! I didn't know that it was only audio and was looking for the picture! At first I looked for podcasts on knitting. That didn't work because you really need to see the patterns. Then I discovered the National Geographic Walking Tours. I can see that they could be useful in my travels. I created a feed on Bloglines. Then with lots of help, I was able to put a link on my blog. Do you see it? My kids will be so proud of me!!!!!

Week 9, Number 20

This week I played with YouTube. Some videos were funny, some were gross, and some were a total waste of time. I chose "A pitbull and chicks" to share, because I think pitbulls get a bad rap! It's their crazy humans who make them aggressive.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Week 8, Number 19

Today I went to the Web2.0 Awards page. Since I like to travel I focused on City Guides and Reviews. I went to the top winner and explored. I often look for gluten free foods in the cities I travel to. I was able to get some health food stores and restaurants in some of the cities I explored. Often there were comments posted on these too. I can see this being helpful when I travel.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Week 8 Number 18

I went in to Google Docs and Spreadsheets. I made a spreadsheet of books I have read. It was just like using a Word doc. I didn't publish it because the comments were my personal opinions and I didn't want any authors coming back to me! If you want to know what books I liked, just ask! Heck, I'm on the "Do not call list" because I don't want unwelcome strangers invading my private time so I'm not ready to put myself out for the world to criticize!